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Our Lead Pattern Maker

Top Quality production patterns, grading, tech packs, and samples.
Amy is a custom clothier and tailor with over 30 years experience in garment construction. Over the years she has developed hundreds of patterns for her personal clients and her garments have sold all over the United States and internationally, with a brand recognized for its quality – AC Ashworth & Company.

With years of custom sewing and tailoring experience, we have refined the art and science of patternmaking; and combined with industry-specific knowledge in creating patterns and technial specifications for production, we have the tools in place to bring your design idea to life. We provide CAD pattern drafting, grading, and sample making for designer clients who want to bring their proprietary designs to market. Our team of talented professionals includes a fashion and technical artist and a quality assurance analyst. With our specialized blend of experience and skill, we are able to provide a unique personalized experience for each designer, from concept to manufacturing floor.

Not quite ready for a full-blown  production run?  We can provide your product in small batches! This option will help you test the market, make improvements, and build your client base, without the large investment of a large production run.  Our in-house capacity is generally 50 pcs or less, and we offer pricing on a sliding scale based on the size of your order.   

Let's walk through the steps together.
Production Pattern maker

Our Suite of Services

Services and resources that we provide to our clothing design clients.
Block Patterns & Measurement charts
Professional digital pattern drafting with StyleCAD
Grading of patterns in StyleCAD
Digitizing of existing patterns (AAMA Compliant format)
Printing and cutting of patterns (oaktag patterns)
Sample making, and small batch production up to 50 pcs.
Specialty in Tailoring, Menswear, and woven textiles
Cost sheet analysis
Tech pack compilation
Fashion Art, Technical drawings
Quality Control Inspection
Personalized approach
Free Project consultation

Our Capabilities

Small batch production capabilities with no minimums.
Shop Machines
Zig Zag
3-Step Zig Zag
Straight Stitch
Matching thread for a production pattern making project.
Double Chain Stitch (Parallel) 
Printed and Cut Patterns
CAD Patterns (.dxf and all formats)
Production pattern making process.
Line Sheets
Technical Specifications
Fashion & Technical Sketches


Some tools of the trade that we use in our shop.
StyleCAD Digital Pattern Making & Grading Software (AAMA .dxf compatible)
Juki Industrial Lock Stitch (301)
Coverstitch (406, 407, 602, 605)
Keyhole Buttonhole
Single Needle embroidery 
Yamata Blind Hemmer (103) 
Siruba Serger (514 and 504)
Juki Double Chain Stitch (Parallel)
Consew Zig-Zag
 49" Plotter/Cutter
Vacuum Board and Steam Iron
8' Cutting Table (light production and sample work only)
Pattern Digitizer 

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