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A vitally important part of your tech pack are the technical drawings. Here's what you must know to get them right.

We've talked a bit about technical packages ("tech packs") and you should know that they are step 1 in the production process. If you are developing your product with AC Ashworth & Co., we can draft your patterns along with the tech packs, even if you don't have them quite ready yet. The tech pack is compiled of many parts, and it is basically a blueprint of your design, including everything your factory needs to know to put your garment together.

In this segment, we will talk about one component of the tech pack, and that is the technical sketch. When you designed your garment, you may have made a fashion sketch, or collected a picture for inspiration. It's important to know how the technical drawing differs from your fashion sketch.

A technical sketch is a flat drawing that shows the details needed to make your garment. Let me emphasize flat. The first thing that will distinguish your technical drawing from your fashion sketch is that there should be no depth, or volumetric detail.

Fashion illustration shows volume and depth

While a fashion illustration can be used to make a technical drawing, the tech drawing must look as it would stretched out flat on a table, not how it would look on the body.

Here's an example of a flat tech drawing :

While other sketches within your tech pack may include colorways, the technical drawing should not.

There should always be a front & back view. The drawing should be 100% accurate to the design, and include all details- trim, zippers, buttons, seams and stitches.

There should be no shadows or extra lines.

These drawings will be used for the pattern specification sheet, a document that includes the measurements for each dimension.

Illustration of style with Point of Measure (POM)

I hope that this quick article on technical sketches has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments, let us know in the section below.

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