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You've got questions, we've got answers..... What kind of printer do I need to print your patterns? A: Any home printer will do. The pattern is provided in Letter and A4 size, which can be easily taped together to form your complete pattern. You may download the copy shop size, and have it printed wherever […]
By Amy Ashworth
On August 30, 2021

You've got questions, we've got answers.....

What kind of printer do I need to print your patterns?

A: Any home printer will do. The pattern is provided in Letter and A4 size, which can be easily taped together to form your complete pattern. You may download the copy shop size, and have it printed wherever you like, or order the paper copy from us, which we will mail to you.

Are your pages ÔÇ£trimlessÔÇØ ?

A: Yes. Your pattern can be taped together with no overlapping, measuring, or trimming needed.

Do you offer plus sizes?

A: Yes! Most styles are offered in all sizes, to the extent that we have reliable data to do so. If you don't see your size listed, we are quite possibly still working on it, or testing it. We also offer custom sizing, in which you may purchase a pattern to your specific measurements, checked by our custom tailors for accuracy.

How do I sign up for updates and sales?

A: Please enter your email in our communication box and you will be the first to know about sales and new designs. You may opt-out at any time.

Do you have a private facebook group?

A: Yes! We love our tribe. You can join us by following this link

I want to manufacture or mass produce one of your designs. Is that ok?

A: No, you may not use our home sewing patterns for production. You may only use them for home businesses in which you make the clothing yourself. If you are interested in starting your own clothing line, we are happy to work with you to create unique designs with production patterns suitable for this purpose.

Can I recommend a design, or order a custom design?

A: Feel free to show us any design ideas you like; we promise to look them over. Since it takes many, many hours to produce a sewing pattern ready for release, we can't promise that we will take every suggestion, unless we feel it has a very high potential to be popular with our customers. We don't take single orders for a custom design. If you want a custom design made, a minimum of 100 patterns must be purchased at our retail rate for that pattern.

Can I order a custom sized pattern?

A: Yes! You will see this option listed in your drop down menu for the style.

Do I need a color printer?

A: No. Our patterns sizes are shown in colors and line types, so you may print in black and white if you wish.

Do your patterns have ÔÇ£layersÔÇØ?

A: Yes, all of our pdf patterns have sizes in layers, allowing you to print only the size or sizes that you want to print.

Do you offer printed patterns?

A: Yes. If you prefer printed patterns to pdf downloads, you may order a printed pattern from the drop-down menu.

Can I sell items made from your patterns?

A: Yes, and we encourage this. If you have a small business selling items made from our patterns, we allow you to promote only those goods made from our patterns, on our facebook pages.

I'm not happy with my pattern. May I have a refund?

A: Digital goods are not refundable, because there is simply no way to return them. However, if you are dissatisfied, please let us know. We'd like the opportunity to make it right.

I'm a beginner. Are your patterns for me?

A: We carry some beginner-friendly patterns; but most of our designs are for makers with some experience. We generally do not go into in-depth explanations of basic operations. If you have little-to-no experience, our patterns will be insufficient to teach you to sew. We suggest some of the books listed on our ÔÇ£Favorite ResourcesÔÇØ section.

I'm stuck. Do you offer support?

A: Yes, please contact us if you need help. Be patient, as we are a small shop with limited resources. We will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. You may also ask for help on our Facebook page, and others in our sewing community will be able to assist you.

I don't see my size in the style I want. Why?

A: Our company is one of a kind, in that we create styles based on body type. We have researched the most flattering styles for each of seven body types, and developed them around a specific block for that type. While there can be some overlap in these styles, you won't see every style in the grouping for every body type. Drop us a line, though- we might have this in the works, and it just hasn't released yet.

Will your patterns teach me to sew?

A: Our patterns are not designed to teach you to sew. We give clear instructions for how to make each item, but we don't explain how the stitches are made, or delve into basic operations. We have a YouTube channel

Where we demonstrate some more intermediate sewing concepts that are less available at large. We encourage you to subscribe if you want to learn more about sewing, pattern drafting, and grading.

How will I know if a pattern is right for my skill level?

A: We have a 4-tier skill level guide on each pattern description ranging from beginner to advanced. We have also listed the skills required to complete the pattern.

Do you offer Projector Files?

A: Yes! Our copyshop size file can also be used as a projector file. It is 36" wide, and the length of the pattern plot, with no breaks.

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