Cost Sheet for Fashion Designers


Calculating the costs, wholesale price, and profit margins for sewn apparel can feel like a daunting task. This handy cost sheet calculator will make it much simpler.


Are you a fashion designer looking to bring your collection to market?  Ever feel overwhelmed on the business side, figuring out how much everything will cost, and how to calculate your wholesale prices and profit margins?  This cost sheet will help you organize your product development costs in a simple to use, pre-filled calculation sheet.  With the material and labor line items already listed for you, it’s as simple as filling in the expenses as they are planned and determining your profit margins.  With this tool you will be able to see your total line costs at a glance, making it easier to plan your next steps, and stay within your targets.  This sheet is fully editable to match your unique product line and margin goals but detailed enough to cover the major bases in the process. Fashion industry cost sheet calculators can be expensive, but we think this is a tool that every new designer should have, without paying so much! This cost sheet details a comprehensive list of material and labor processes to help you plan your product cost, and keep you organized while developing your line.  We have added suggested percentage markup factors for indirect labor and manufacturing costs, as well as profit markup calculations, which can be easily edited to meet your needs, and will calculate your wholesale price automatically.  This file is furnished as an instant download upon purchase (.ods and .xlsx fomats).

This cost sheet is not intended for legal, tax, or financial advice, and should not replace the services of qualified business and/or tax professional assistance in all business matters.


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