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Developing Blocks

You company needs it's own blocks. And while I'm on subject, you need fit models too.
By Amy Ashworth
On August 30, 2021

Your company needs its own blocks. And while I'm on subject, you need fit models too.

What is a block? A block is a master pattern that fits the "medium(s)" in the size ranges for your company. Having a well-drafted, nicely fitting pattern block is your best asset when it comes to drafting your styles. If you want your designs to fit well (of course you do!) then having a nicely fitting block is your perfect head start.

Creating blocks is not a complicated process. We will need a few measurements from your model to draft your pattern. Then, we make up the muslin fitting. All in all, a block is not expensive to produce, and with a few fittings to clean it up, we can get it perfect. It then becomes the basis for the designs we make for you, or you can take it with you to another pattern maker in digital or oaktag form.

Your block can be graded according to your company's grading specifications as well.

Having your own company blocks that reflect the design & fitting specifications of your company is an exceptional asset and cost savings over the long run, and reduces wasted time and extra fittings that would otherwise occur in the final designs had we not used a block.

We recommend The Entrepreneur's Guide To Sewn Product Manufacturing by Kathleen Fasanella, for her writing on this topic, as well as every other topic she addresses. You can buy Kathleen's Book | Designer-Entrepreneurs ( here.

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