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Developing Blocks

You company needs it's own blocks. And while I'm on subject, you need fit models too.


Who is your ideal customer?

The "ideal customer" is a concept used in every business- but here's a collection of very specific pieces of information, that your pattern maker needs to know.


Developing Your Size Charts

Every company needs to have a size chart - and actually, you need two. The very first place to start in your product development is knowing the size range you want to produce. To do that, you need to think about what a "medium" size will look like within in your size range(s). You can […]


Fashion Sketch vs. Technical Drawing

A vitally important part of your tech pack are the technical drawings. Here's what you must know to get them right.


Stitch Classifications

Here's something you might be asked by your pattern maker, factory, or consultant... "What stitches do you want used in your design?"


Cleaning the Serger

If you own a serger or overlocker, you should know that lint can accumulate to the point of damaging the performance of your machine. Here's how to clean it.


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