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Our commercial pattern company, Ashworth Classic Patterns,  is new, but our career in pattern making is not.  In our years of business as custom clothiers, we have had the pleasure of designing hundreds of patterns for clients of all ages. Our custom apparel, manufactured under AC Ashworth & Co, has shipped all over the USA and in 7 countries worldwide.

Home Sewing Patterns by AShworth classic Patterns

Classic Pattern Styles for the Refined Clothier

We are excited to bring some of our most popular styles to the home sewing community.  Our patterns are multi-size, layered .pdf patterns in 3 page sizes: Letter, A4, and Copyshop/Projector size. Letter and A4 size .pdf files are perfectly suited for printing on any home printer--the pattern image is tiled within the pages, so that the pattern is complete when taped together. Projector files are 36" or 48" wide, and the length depends on the size of the pattern. You may choose to have us print your patterns, and, if you would like your pattern cut out as well, you can do this by just letting us know what size to cut out. Alternatively, you may have your patterns printed at a local print shop.

Want to know more?  Check out our FAQ and our Size Charts for Men, Women, Teens, and Children.

We serve the designer community in making production patterns and specifications for brand-name garments, sold in stores and boutiques, and online, all over the USA. If you are a designer looking to have garments manufactured, please click here.

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